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RSE: Our Excitement is Building

Realize Structural Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2015 by Russell Merrill.

We have project experience in multiple states, including Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, and Colorado. We have a strong commitment to our clients and technical understanding of the industry’s most complex issues.

We specialize in the structural design of civic buildings, hospitals, schools, office buildings, mixed-use developments, retail developments, and parking garages.


Russell Merrill Yejezkel Jimenez Simon Perez Perez Zach Larson
Russell Merrill, SE
Yejezkel Jimenez
Engineer in Training
Simon Perez Perez
Engineer in Training
Zach Larson
Engineer in Training


Tri Tu Matt Malovich
Tri Tu
BIM Manager
Matt Malovich
BIM Specialist

Background image: Towne Ridge Tower 3, Sandy, Utah